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Regency By Galle Face Hotel

The Regency Wing of the Galle Face Hotel is a distinctive and upscale section within the historic Galle Face Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This wing offers a refined and luxurious experience for guests seeking an elevated stay. The Regency Wing boasts beautifully designed rooms and suites with elegant furnishings and modern amenities.

Over 150 Years of Rich History and Legendary Traditions

South Asia’s leading Grande Dame, the Galle Face Hotel, is testimony to both Sri Lanka’s colonial past and its independent present. 


Stay at Regency By Galle Face Hotel

Weddings, Meeting & Events

Stay at Regency By Galle Face Hotel

Meetings and events, large or small, flourish under the expertise of the team whose purpose it is to ensure that every event is carried out with modern efficiency, warm hospitality and a touch of elegance.


Culinary Experience


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Hotel Address

2 Galle Road, Colombo 3


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